DEGRAF provides services of e-waste recycling, certified destruction of data and assets, safe disposal / recovery of IT assets (ITAD) and management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste for companies, corporations, government / municipal agencies and both profit and non-profit institutions.


Why us?

More than 40 years of experience

Our company has more than 40 years of experience in the field of recycling and waste management and a portfolio of both local and international clients that ratify our work.

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Certifications and Permits

Anyone can say their processes are rigorous but only DEGRAF has certified its integrated management system for quality, environmental protection and occupational safety. This guarantees the rigorousness of our processes and our commitment to meeting the highest standards in our industry.

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Security, Traceability and Service

Each client has particular needs. We offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client along with world-class safety standards and traceability of the entire process.

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For a circular economy environmentally responsible

This is the basic principle of the circular economy under which we work in DEGRAF: products that reach the end of their life cycle can and should be processed to recover parts and raw materials that will bring new products to life while saving energy, resources and reducing generation of new waste.

We are committed to this vision, to serve our customers’ needs, to pursue the highest industry standards and to our responsibility with the community we are part of, the people that work with us, and the environment we all share.


At DEGRAF we are proud of the trust our clients have placed in us. Here are comments and opinions by our clients regarding the service we provide for them.

(original testimonies in Spanish translated through automated software for general reference only)

  • Samsung seeks to inspire the world with innovative technologies, products and designs that enrich people’s lives and contribute to a sustainable future. Starting with eco-design, our products comply with the highest environmental standards, including the use of planet-friendly raw materials, packaging optimization, energy efficiency and, of course, responsible management at the end of the life cycle.
    In Chile, Samsung Electronics established a voluntary electronic recycling program in 2011, even before the ERP Law project entered the chilean Congress. We have worked with DEGRAF from the beginning since its standards and rigor allow us to meet the high demands of our company worldwide.
    For Samsung, DEGRAF is more than a supplier: it is an ally with whom we share our vision of responsibility with the environment.

    Germán Sáenz E.

    Senior Manager of Corporate Citizenship and Public Affairs - Samsung Electronics Chile Ltda.

  • At SODIMAC, we are committed to being a socially responsible company with our customers, workers, suppliers, the environment and society in general, seeking to contribute to the development of the country. This is a challenge for all that we do as a company, integrating all areas of Sodimac and we try to implement it in all those places where we are present.
    For years, we have been working with DEGRAF to recycle products through campaigns such as “Let Nothing to Waste” and other multiple activities.
    They have proven to be a reliable, very responsible ally and, most importantly, we feel that it is a company that shares our values ​​in terms of sustainability.

    Ricardo Ríos

    Head of Sustainable Commercial Development - SODIMAC Chile

  • BELMONT TRADING COMPANY exists to make our world sustainable for future generations by creating responsible and ethical solutions for managing and recapturing value from used electronic equipment in every global market.
    Our company is committed to serve companies glabally and in order to do that we partner with local companies that share the same purpose in terms of environmental responsibility and service to the customers.
    In Chile, our partner DEGRAF has proven to be a recycler with which we share values and purpose. Anyone can say their recycling and recovery is environmentally sound. But do they have the license and certifications to back it up? We do and we value that in Chile, DEGRAF has certified its processes under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. DEGRAF is a valued partner for Belmont Trading.

    Igor Bogulavsky

    CEO Belmont Trading Company - Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA

  • TRICICLOS was the first B company to be certified outside of North America, which fills us with pride. From that legal commitment comes our name and the permanent objective of working balancing the three sustainability cycles (social, environmental and financial).
    In Triciclos we want to make sustainability contagious. We understand waste as a consequence of our consumption habits and our current economic model; therefore we see in them a tool to achieve cultural changes and move towards the implementation of a Circular Economy.

    With DEGRAF we not only share the pride of being part of the community of certified B companies, but also the vocation for sustainability. Whenever we are asked for a specialist in electronics recycling, we recommend DEGRAF. We have the best impression not only of their work in which they are very serious, but also of their commitment to the values ​​that we share as B Companies.

    Verónica de la Cerda

    General Manager - Triciclos Chile

This are some of the companies and institutions that have worked with us in the last few years:

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This is our certified processing facility for receiving, storing and processing of e-waste and other industrial waste.