Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Waste

For a Circular Economy environmentally responsible

The highest standards of the industry backed by more than 40 years of experience

Extremely rapid evolution of technology, its widespread use in all types of goods and the shortening of the life cycle of products have led to an exponential increase in waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE or e-waste).

E-waste is a major environmental challenge for the global community. Most of the materials and components involved in manufacturing electric and electronic devices have the potential to be reused or recycled in order to recover parts and raw materials required in the production of new products. This saves resources, energy and minimizes the generation of waste.

At DEGRAF, we take our work very seriously, all our processes and protocols comply with the highest industry standards worldwide.

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This is our certified processing facility for receiving, storing and processing of e-waste and other industrial waste.