Our company

More than 40 years of experience

Since 1982, recycling for a better world

DEGRAF began its activities in 1982 in the field of graphic, photographic and radiological waste recycling. Over the years in response to the evolution of the industry and the needs and requirements of its customers, DEGRAF developed new business areas becoming a comprehensive manager of industrial waste with specialization in electrical and electronic waste (e-Waste or WEEE), hazardous waste and ferrous and non-ferrous residues.

Currently, DEGRAF provides services of e-waste recycling, certified destruction of data and assets, safe disposal / recovery of IT assets (ITAD) and management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste for companies, corporations, governmental and municipal agencies and both profit and non-profit institutions.


Our years of experience working towards the highest standards have allowed us to develop world-class processes that remain part of our work philosophy today.

DEGRAF has certified its integrated management system for quality (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001), which guarantees the rigorousness of our processes and our commitment to meet the highest standards in our industry.

Responsible Recycling

R2v3R is the voluntary standard of specific operational practices for electronic recycling companies. This standard provides a framework for a recycling management system and a health, safety and environmental management system.

R2v3R  is the operating standard of the industry and obtaining this certification demonstrates compliance with the highest standards in the recycling of electronics.

*** R2v3R is a trademark of SERI. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


At DEGRAF we are aware that our responsibility as a company goes beyond the direct scope of our business.

DEGRAF is a certified B Corporation committed to its employees and constituents, the community and the environment by meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


Our processes are designed according to the Waste Management Hierarchy, which guides the best practices of the industry in most countries.

In Chile, this is one of the founding principles of the Framework Law for Waste Management, the Extended Responsibility of the Producer and Promotion of Recycling (Law No. 20.920, Art. 2, letter d).


Services we provide to our customers require high security standards. Our clients entrust us with sensitive tasks such as responsibly recycle their obsolete equipment, protect their intellectual property, the value of their brands and products, and/or manage waste which is potentially hazardous for workers and the community.

We are well aware of this responsibility and have designed our process accordingly. Some of the results of this are: strict certified protocols, control procedures, chain of custody, 24/7 security monitoring systems through CCTV and GPS for all transports.